Computer Labs

ACES Visualization Lab UT Austin showing 13 projector immersive system.

Over the years I have built, maintained, and managed specialized computer labs, rooms, and auditoriums. Some were specifically designed for graphics and multimedia. Most are used for teaching and research using high performance computers and visualization. All of the labs include high speed networking, computer display switches for arrays of monitors and/or projectors, multiple audio channel configurations, high end graphics cards (Nvida), and dual boot computer systems for use of Linux and/or Windows. A key component was all the computer systems were fully supported by quad buffered stereographic displays for 3D visualization.

Below are some of the computer/visualization labs I designed, built, and managed.

3D stereoscopic active projector system and viewing audience wearing shutter glasses.

Virtual Reality room with one active 3D stereoscopic projector or passive 3D stereoscopic dual projectors all in the same room. Use of laptops or high end workstations with Window or Linux. Included as part of the audio system are 10 wireless microphones. The room is used for visualization, conferences, video streaming, video conferencing, teaching, and outreach. Capable of seating 50 people.

Auditorium with students wearing 3D glasses viewing Mars geology.

Auditorium with three projectors and 12 dual boot Window/Linux workstations. This room was designed with a tiered raised floor for easy cabling and reconfiguration. Included in this room is a display switching system and sound switching system. The auditorium is mainly used for teaching 3D geological software hands on. Other uses are for outreach, and as a student computer work area. Capable of seating 34 people or 20 people with 2 per computer workstation in class room setup.

STARR Visualiztion Lab with four projectors on double wide screen and workstations.

STARR Visualization Lab with four projectors and one double wide screen. This room has six workstations with Linux and Windows. Display switching allows use of high resolution double projectors in mono (non 3D stereoscopic) or in lower resolution double projectors 3D active stereoscopic for presentations. Projectors can be used with static workstations or with portable laptops. The room is mostly used for research of seismic data but is also used for presentations and outreach. Capable of seating 16 people.

Portable visualization with two passive projectors and one active projector supported by one custom built computer system.

Portable Visualization Lab with 3 projectors used mainly for outreach and research conferences. This includes a portable 3D stereoscopic display computer designed and built in house. The computer can display with (one active 3D projector and 30 active 3D glasses) or (two passive polarized projectors and 50 passive 3D glasses including aluminized screen). Active system fits into one Pelican case with wheels for easy transport.