BEG AGL Mars Hebes Chasma Point Clouds

The following 3D images are 6 sections of Mars Hebes Chasma, using WebGL to display point cloud data.
To view, you'll need a WebGL-enabled browser. (Mozilla FireFox v4.0 or Google Chrome v10)
To zoom in or out use mouse wheel or the up and down arrow keys.
To change the point size use the right and left arrow keys.
Click on any of the 6 square images to start a 3D point cloud viewer.

  3D Mars Hebes Section 1 by Reuben Reyes
Section 1
3D Mars Hebes Section 2 by Reuben Reyes
Section 2
3D Mars Hebes Section 3 by Reuben Reyes
Section 3
3D Mars Hebes Section 4 by Reuben Reyes
Section 4
3D Mars Hebes Section 5 by Reuben Reyes
Section 5
3D Mars Hebes Section 6 by Reuben Reyes
Section 6

  3D Mars Hebes Point Cloud by Reuben Reyes
Each section has approximately 3.1 million points.
Original Mars Hebes Chasma point cloud contains 18,914,313 points.

Point Clouds courtesy of AGL Bureau of Economic Geology and NASA.
Research by Dr. Tim Dooley.
Image from ESA/ DLR/ FU Berlin (G. Neukum).
Point Cloud processing and visualization by Reuben Reyes.
Open Source software XB PointStream used for streaming/rendering and examples from Andor Salga.