Quantum Dynamics with Trajectories

By Robert Eugene Wyatt, Corey J. Trahan

Cover Illustration. The color illustration on the cover was designed by the visualization experts at the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Reuben Reyes, David Guzman, and Karla Vega are thanked for producing this figure (using POV-Ray ray tracing suite) and for animating the trajectory results. These quantum trajectories, shown are colored spheres at one time step, are evolving in a four dimensional phase space, but two spatial coordinates and one momentum coordinate were used for plotting purposes. The trajectory equations of motion for this dissipative quantum system were derived from the modified Caldeira-Leggett equation, which is described in Chapter 11. The trajectories on the right side of the figure are escaping over a barrier, while those near the center are temporarily trapped in a metastable state. The value of the phase space distribution function is largest for the interior spheres and is much smaller for the boundary ones.

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